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Where is Ivan Lexa?

Durban - where I almost broke my balls after jumping from a pier. Otherwise nothing to report

For the Slovaks: do you remember where Ivan Lexa was hiding, while doing his hardcore fitness program? Yes, in Durban. Here I am, checking out the place which he liked so much :-)

Irene has a friend here (again, from her younger years of working in Ireland and Scotland), so we stayed at her place and she showed us the town a bit. Durban is a big city, but has a nice little colonial center and a huge beach, which is far from being precious, but still good, especially for surfing. Since I havenít surfed for a long time, and after the upcoming ACL surgery I will not surf for a long time again, I couldnít miss the opportunity. Too bad that the only reasonable way how to get into the water is to jump with your surfboard from a pier, some 4 meters and hope that the next wave is not gonna crash you against the pier. It took me a while to get my courage together and figure out the patter of the waves to choose a good moment to jump safely, and when I did, my balls surely didnít appreciate the moment of impact :-)
I got a wave or two, but nothing to talk about, I got back to the shore and jumped again (this all fine with my balls, but not so fine with my ear drum) and had a bit of surfing more, but indeed nothing special.

Because I didnít carry my camera around Durban I donít think I have any photo from here, so Iím gonna post just one googled photo.

In Durban, after some 2700km of driving, we returned our car and got an overnight bus Ė to save us 1400km of driving Ė and emerged on the south coast of South Africa, in Port Elisabeth where we rented another car and started the southern portion of our trip.

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