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2 great national parks, 1 Indian Ocean and X hippos

kwaZulu-Natal province, homeland of Shaka Zulu. No Zulu warriors spotted, but bunch of shamans and lots of hippos and rhinos

Another dose of African wildlife. Not gonna say too much, simply another beautiful place where you can drive your own car and see loads of animals doing whatever they are doing. Great place to get chased by angry rhino, as well, as we did.
Go to see the photos, I have nothing else to say :-)

Oh, one thing more. A little guesthouse where we stayed, just outside the park, which was run by some local mama, had 2 trash bins. One said “Food and organic waste” and one said “Recyclables – plastic, rubber, Styrofoam and everything else that can burn”. Hahaha, for a moment I was shocked about “recycles” trash bin, deep inside Africa, “very progressive place” I thought, until I read the description of the recyclables. Burning rubber and Styrofoam – what a great method of “recycling” :-) After short assessment of the situation and the mama’s ecological consciousness, I made no effort to intervene and preach about toxic smoke, global warming and all that shit…

St. Lucia.
Finally the ocean!
And it feels just like Australia – looong, windswept, wild beach. I had a brief swim in the Indian Ocean, which is nice and warm here (unlike the freezing Atlantic Ocean in the south and west of the South Africa). Besides the great beach the main attraction is the local nature reserve, and especially an estuary which is full of hippos. We joined a boat trip and so managed to see those cool, but very dangerous animals from up-close. Two young hippos were play-fighting and thus gave me opportunity for some really nice photos. By the way, it is not recommended to walk around St. Lucia town at night, as sometimes the hippos roam the streets and can easily detach your head from the rest of your body…

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