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09-Jan-2013 @ Midigama, Sri Lanka

One of the best epic hairy-gay-rock songs of all times: Here I Go Again by Whitesnake and itís even more epic video clip:

Buy yourself a train ticket from southern Sri Lanka to Colombo, from where you have a flight to southernmost tip of India, sit next to an open window of the train, watch palm trees going by, stuck ear phones in your ears, play this song on your iPod Ė and what you get is a FEELING.

08-Jan-2013 @ Midigama, Sri Lanka

Rice and curry Ė everyday dish in Sri Lanka, composing of rice (surprisingly) and dhal (curried cooked lentils) and bunch of other veggie stuff like pumpkins, eggplant, coconut goodies, etc.

Before my departure many people wished me to find what I was looking for. The problem is, that I do not know yet what Iím looking for, I just know that Iím looking for something else than what I have found before.
But if I should at least give a hint of what Iím looking for, I would say this:

Iím looking for the feeling which is captured at 2:10 in this video:

Look at that chimp at 2:10 Ė that is the perfect state of happiness and relaxation. Two words: Peace and love. This is it! And please, spare me your comments about the rest of the movie and correlation with what Iím looking for :-)

And Iím also looking for this feeling:

And Iím not necessarily looking for this:

But honestly, here in Sri Lanka Iím not looking for anything, except for the waves, to learn to surf - because I still terribly suck.

As written on a plank with an advertisement for a surf school in Weligama: "Surfing is the Source. Itíll change your life." Is the Source. Love that, whatever that means :-)

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