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1 year on the road

12 months since I've left Slovakia. Odysseus has still a log way to go, especially now that he hooked up with Calypso

5.12.2013: 1 year!
Today it's 1st birthday of Odysseus.
Almost unbelievable, but it's been 1 year since I left my country, home, family, friends, job and everything else to wander and wonder around this planet. And I still (as good old Neil says) keep on rockin' in the free world!

I would like to thank to all those special people whom I have met on this journey. With some of them I spent only few hours, with others few weeks, and with one of them 6 months  But they all have in common they regardless of the time spent together, they left their trace in me. And inspired me and helped me. Or they are just mental :-)

In chronological order:
Armin, Marine Della-monica, Romain Tumbarello, Samantha Markby and all other people from the ashram, nameless millions of Indians, Cijo, Megan Goldstein, Skoi Baba, Fred Archer, Joe Pleavin, Ian Terry all others from Darjeeling, Hana Trochanová, Karin Ariana Navarro Koschitzky & rest of "her" girls in Kathmandu, Arkadius IamCyber, Kumiko Suzuki, Alvin Kettle, Natasha Natasha, Amanda Edwards, Jakub Krajcovic, Krystle Jade Medina, Lucia Chamrazová, Nina Colonia, Irene Rodriguez, Jill Jillian, María Rodríguez-Salinas, Sheila, Mehdi Benky, Helen Labeque, H'elen Bougault, Adrian Cunneen, Georgie Ballinger, Loz Jesse Grounds & Jake, Yapi Asar, Irene Soteria Ngefak, She Saveriana, Maria Efarima, Ande Kehi, Iin Jagalazarus, Lucie Morin & the rest of the campervan, Sam Cookes, Tom Body, Ryan Blundell, Gloria Tan, Yana Gromiko (ultra special thanks here) and Lukas Elend.

And special thanks to my old friends who came to visit me on my journey, thousands kilometers from home: Samo Saddie, Janina Cakanka, Jiøí Okoš and Viktor Michalek. And of course to Nik Sokol and Aruna Subramanian Sokol, Suriyan and Tarin for all their amazing hospitality, help and good times.

As we used to say in the ashram: May you be happy, may you be well.
Namaste and... ROCK'N'ROLL!!! 

Few days ago I moved to a garage (turned into kind of studio) next to a construction site, I work as a dishwasher and I just bought shoes in a second hand store.
But at least I'm not "homeless" anymore, in 10 days I earned enough money to stay in India for 3 months, and finally I can do the dishes in shoes with no holes in the soles so my feet will stop rotting.
I bet my Hugo Boss suit in my wardrobe in my fancy apartment in Bratislava downtown is feeling pretty lonely right now! 
Fuck yeah!!!

Payday! 1275 AUD in 10 days...

...and the first thing I bought (apart from the shoes from a second hand store) was a second hand DVD player so that I can watch my fav movie Factotum (Bukowski) tonight.

Sky is blue, ocean is 400m away, I got the best woman Spain has ever given to the world by my side and the seller of the DVD player forgot Elvis Presley's Greatest Hits CD in the DVD player so Elvis is blasting from radio! 

Bukowski, here I come!!!!!

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