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My flirt with Ernesto

This is what happens when you spend too much time reading about Che Guevara and do physical work. You become a marxist :-D

Yesterday I spent half of day reading about Che Guevara, and (as a result) I had a dream that I was in Castro's headquarters in Cuba when Americans or some other imperialist perils  attacked it and suddenly I was caught in a dilemma - should I join the attackers trying to overthrow Castro's regime or join the defenders? After some considerations I decided to... defend Castro  and few moments later I was throwing around grenades like crazy...

Combined with my former intentions to take a better look at Marxism (as the little I know about it resonated in me) and given the fact that when I woke up I did my gardening and cleaning duties and then went to wash the dishes - is this the beginning of Rise of voice of proletariat in me? Am I going to walk the path of Working class hero? :-DDD

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