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Meeting my long lost Canon baby

After 4 monthsI have back my camera, driving license and other staff. THANKS YANA!!!

The first time I arrived to Noosa, I had a car and a camera.
The first time I left Noosa, I had a car but no camera.
The second time I arrived to Noosa, I had neither car nor camera.
The second time I left Noosa, I had the camera but no car.

Wow, there’s some fucking mighty combinatorics going on in Noosa!

Hell yeah, thanks to Yana and her boyfriend I have again my Canon 5D camera.
Yana, thank you so so so so so so so much much much much much much much!
And apart from the camera, I have again my driving license, bank cards (by now useless as I had blocked them), my Slovak SIM card, piece of Irene’s hair that I had in my wallet :-), my bag and my notes. Long lost child was found.

Noosa is couple of hours from Brisbane so I overnighted there. After few drinks and some happy smoke with Yana and her flat mates I ended up playing chess between 1:00 and 2:00 in the morning with Yana’s Canadian female flat mate. How bizarre…

It’s interesting to see how Noosa and Byron Bay, while theoretically being the same kind of town – relaxed, small seaside towns on the East Coast, not too far from each other have actually completely different feeling. While Byron is ruled by half-hippies, tree huggers, jugglers and bush dwellers, Noosa is loaded with affluent family crowds and elder couples promenading the streets and frequenting fancy restaurants. Fancy is the keyword in Noosa. Fancy villas, fancy apartments, fancy restaurants, fancy people. That kind of place where you want to go for a holiday with your wife if you work in a bank. Byron is reserved for those who work in… ehm… survival industry.

Good bye again Noosa, this time I triple checked all my belongings before I left (well, that was not difficult this time, because I came only with my wallet, phone, tooth brush, tooth paste, extra socks and extra T-shirt, and plus my regained small backpack), and as I do not to want to challenged power of Universe’s combinatorics, I do not plan to come back to Noosa ever again. Who knows which crazy combination might be awaiting me there…

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