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Same place, one more person

Sydney for second time, Opera House is still there, so is Nik and Sokol family, and I've been told by a six year old that I suck :-)

We intended to spend only 1 night in Canberra, but when Elle (Tom’s sister) drove us to the bus station where we wanted to get on the bus for which we had already bought tickets, after some waiting we noticed that we were the only people waiting for the bus and we found out that all buses to Sydney were cancelled because of bush fires. Out of Sydney the plaque of souther parts of Australia was raging, this year earlier than expected. And so highway was closed. Tom’s family hosted us for one more night and in the morning they drove us to the bus station again and finally, after all those kilometers in campervan and relocation we used, for the first time bus. Strangely, during all those months in Australia I had used bus only once, and just like this time, it was when I was arriving to Sydney (from Melbourne). So long relocations.

Sydney again. And Sokol’s nest again.
After 5 months I returned to Nik’s and Aruna’s place in North Sydney, but this time with one extra person :-)
We spent 5 days in Sydney, and just like in Melbourne, we did not do too much sightseeing, for we both had seen Sydney before. So what did we do, short report:

We were in Sydney Opera House again! Thanks to Nik, again! He got some free tickets for a show, again! Coooool, again! This time it was not a concert but a stand-up comedy show by Rob Schneider. Being it a stand-up comedy it was predictably full of homophobic, pornographic, sexist, racist and in other ways politically incorrect intellectual rubbish, but actually it was really funny (well, sometimes).

We did some souvenirs shopping. Wow, amazing right! Now you’re thinking wow, that Marcel is really one crazy fuck, he’s living it up BIG TIME! He is buying souvenirs, holy fuck, that’s something! OK, relax, please. I just wanted to buy one fucking boomerang, alright? When I came to Australia I thought I would buy one in the outback from some Aborigines selling souvenirs, but since there were absolutely none Aborigines selling their handcraft in the whole fucking outback, I had to buy it from a dull souvenir shop in Sydney. Crap.

Hmmm, what else. Irene met some more friends from the hostel (there must be few thousands of them spread around Australia…), I went to meet the freegans I had met here months ago (no dumpster diving this time), I checked out temporary exhibition of Contemporary Art Museum (temporary @ contemporary?), yeah, some small staff.

Lots of playing with Suryan ad Tarin. Tarin was just as cute as before, but Suryan is getting more and more cheeky, that little creature, I have to say. He is utterly funny though. And he’s genius as well, he made some deep insights into people’s nature. Like for example when he told me: “Marcel, you SUCK!” :-)
Crazy he is, but he’s way too cool. I really wanna meet this guy when he’s 16 or 17. Haha, can’t wait for that!

Finally we also settled Garuda’s death with Nik, so Garuda can finally rest in peace, there in Camooveal.

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