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Sri Lanka's ancient capitals - part I.

Sri Lanka welcomes my stomach and sightseeing in monsoon

Arrival to Sri Lanka also meant arrival of inevitable travel companion – stomach problems. I don’t know if it was caused by something that I had eaten at all those bus stops and bus stations (I swear that the pack of popcorn which I bought in the bus contained a piece of cow shit among the popcorns), or by the fact that I had only eaten lousy food for the whole previous day, or if Sri Lanka honored me with some tropic bacteria, but during the night I had terrible stomach ache as if I swallowed 1 liter of acid, and I had couple of close face-to-face discussions with my good friend the toilet during the night. So today I felt halfway dead.

We departed Sigiriya for Polannawura, one of ancient capitals of Sri Lanka and another UNESCO sight. Great place again, very large area, bit similar to Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, but in smaller scale of course. I had no idea that Sri Lanka has so beautiful historic sights, and they are pretty old as well, some dating to B.C. Check the photos for taste of it.
By the way, Sri Lanka’s main religion is Buddhism, so the Enlightened One pops up from around every corner. Shiva Lingam is on holidays these days.

And all time, all around us – the greenest green of central Sri Lanka.

Then we spent another few hours in Sri Lanka’s mass transit and reached the final historic destination - Anuradharupa and found a guest house room literally 1 minute before heavy monsoon rain started.

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