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Relocations continue: Melbourne

2.5.2013 Melbourne… 15 000km… 11.10.2013 Melbourne. Back to where I started from.

We did not buy any car in Adelaide, but we were lucky again to manage to get our “own” wheels on the way from Adelaide – another relocation. This time we got a normal car, Toyota, and one tank of petrol for free. No salary this time, but still very good deal, because we got one tank of petrol, which was almost enough to make it to Melbourne, we had to buy just little bit extra of gas.

On our way to Melbourne to stopped in The Grampions National Park, for a bit of mountain scenery. Unfortunately it was mostly raining and bloody windy so we did not too much, but couple of photos will give you the idea of the place. Anyway, first hilly scenery in Australia since I don’t even know when, but too long. This continent is pathetically flat.

It was right here that 5 months ago my journey in Australia began. After 15 000 km on Australia’s roads I’m back where I started from. Wow, that surely was some looooong ride.

I take back anything that I said about Melbourne when I first arrived here from Nepal back in May. At that time I was bit under-impressed, and in deep cultural shock. After half-circling Australia I can tell, that Melbourne is cool. It might have seemed bit dull after months in India and Nepal, but after seeing what else has Australia to offer, and especially after weeks of limitless nothingness of Australian outback, my perspective surely did change. Suddenly Melbourne looked like most beautiful and lively town ever :-) Well, not really, but by Aussie standards yes. Lots of Victorian houses, street musicians and street art. Now I also fully appreciated what people told me long time ago, that Melbourne is Australia’s most alternative capital. Affirmative. Truth be told, it has more to do with mainstream-ness of other Aussie cities than with Melbourne’s alternativeness itself, but anyway, Melbourne seemed like a blessing after coming back here.

In Melbourne we met Ryan, Irene’s friend from hostel in Edinburgh where she used to live. By the way, it’s unbelievable how many of her ex-colleagues from Scotland, some 3-4 years ago, live now here in Australia and we are meeting them all over the place. Rachel and Justine, whom we met in Queensland are from there, Ryan is from there, Sherry, whom we briefly met for a lunch on our way to Melbourne is from there. And we are going to meet few more of them. It’s funny how they are sprinkled all over Australia. I’ve heard so many stories from Castle Rock hostel in Edinburgh that I feel like I had worked there :-)

“Naked for Satan” - trendy bar with rooftop terrace with view over Melbourne, barbecue in one of Melbourne’s park, house party where Ryan was – to great amusement for other observers, much less to his own amusement - sexually harassed by way too drunk Mexican girl (boy, it was soooo funny to watch!) – that’s about it what we did in Melbourne.
We really stopped here mostly to meet Ryan and find another relocation or other means of transport, and after 2,5 days when we accomplished both these missions we left to Canberra.
Thanks Ryan, it was really good time in Melbourne!

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