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What, I'm in West Timor? Cool!

Arrival to West Timor and meeting the first bunch of great Indonesians

Finally some amazing travel destination!!!
All you 21 year old German backpackers, keep Australia's East Coast for yourselves  and have fun there, in the mean time I will get my real travel kicks here and soak in some ages long traditions... like cock fighting. I was just cruising the main street of Kupang, West Timor’s capital, when I literally walked into big cock fighting happening on a small square. Actually it looks much more brutal on photos than in reality. Both fighters survived this combat and even without major damage. Not that I would be fan or supported of this perverted "spectacle"... I just always thought it would be even worse (as I was lated informed by Samo and Lukas, it was because this was official match – the real underground stuff involves razor blades attached to the paws of the cocks!)

Kupang, capital of West Timor - absolutely most charming place of zero tourist interest I have ever been to. There's virtually nothing to see there, but the people are AMAZING (it's almost impossible how much they smile and how friendly they are and how good they make you feel), food is fantastic and there are fewer tourists than in Kabul.
Enchanting experience, mostly thanks to 4 wonderful students of English - Irra, Irene, Yapi and Servi - who adopted me for 2 days and showed me everything, including an incredibly beautiful natural cave pool "Crystal Cave" and they even took me to a dinner for free in a restaurant where they work. Cool people.

And as I’m writing this, I would really like to know how to get rid of those hundreds of ants who invaded my laptop and turned it into their new home while I was in the town. I'm not kidding, they are creeping out from the keyboard, boundaries of the display, the USB ports... There must be a whole colony of those tiny fuckers inside!

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