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Czechoslovak invasion into Nepal

Viktor, Hanka and Jirka enter the scene, planning and replanning and sightseeing in Kathmandu

On 1-Apr when I returned from Langtang Valley, began another accompanied period of my journey. One of my best friends Viktor met a crazy little girl Hanka and they decided to go for a month to Nepal and as I happened to be here we decided to join our forces. And Jirka, who just spent a week in Phool Chatti Ashram (I have no clue who caused this intelligent man to have these weird ideas like going to ashram…) and few more days in India also came to visit me here in Nepal on 3-Apr. So I ended up with 2 companies. Which turned out to be a bit tricky, because Viktor and Hanka really wanted to do Everest Base Camp Trek, which takes 2-3 weeks, but Jirka had only few days in Nepal and naturally wanted to see the mountains, but doing part of Everest Base Camp Trek was not an option, because to get there and out of there we would have to fly to and from Lukla which is infamous for flights delayed by days because of bad weather. To make it short, after evaluation of all possible options, we decided that Viktor and Hanka would go to EBC and take 3 days side trip on their way up, I would go with Jirka to Pokhara and do some part of Annapurna Sanctuary Trek (the full trek takes 10 days and we had at most 4 days) and then I wouldl fly to Lukla and try to catch up with Viktor and Hanka somewhere midway to Everest Base Camp. As we expected that there would be no cell phone signal in Everest area, we just agreed to meet in Pheriche, 3-5 days from Lukla toward Everest Base Camp in front of Himalayan Lodge, between 12th to 14th of April at 9:00 and 19:00. What a nice meeting agreement. Usually I meet Viktor only in Bratislava’s bars!

With Viktor’s and Hanka’s visit the Slovak language returned back to my life and apart from working out the plan for our trip we spent most of the time in trekking gear shops and bars of Thamel and after Jirka’s arrival we did some sightseeing and visited Kathmandu’s #1 tourist drag – Durbar Square, filled with palaces, temples, pigeons and another dose of medieval wood carved hard porno. Viktor and Hanka left on 4th of April, one day after Jirka joined us and me and Jirka bought flight to Pokhara, near Annapurna Range and flew the same day.

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