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Sightseeing continues

Historic and super-relaxed Bhaktapur with whole lotta love going on

I planned to leave to Langtang Valley today, to do my first trek in Nepal, but after yesterday evening I decided to stay one more day in Kathmandu as today is Friday, and I havenít experienced any Friday night out for almost 4 months now. Not that Kathmandu would be some overly wild destination: there are tens of bars but they all have to close at 23:00, so thereís no room for heavy drinking.

During the day I visited Bhaktapur, well preserved historic town near from Kathmandu. Again, I was amazed, how quiet and relaxed Nepal can be, compared to good old craziness of India. The whole city was almost void of traffic, only occasional tractors would pass by, people in the city were happily pulling buckets of waters of communal wells, everybody smiling and chilled. Nepali people are overwhelmingly beautiful. I donít mean now in sexual way, I mean beautiful in human way Ė simply beautiful people. I have seen only bits of Kathmandu so far, Bhaktapur and the view from the bus window, but I already love Nepal.

And love: thereís whole lotta love going on in Nepal. Singles, couples, threesome and animals practicing their Kama Sutra mastery are carved all over temples. There is definitely some hot action going on in Nepal!

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