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More Himalaya and programming

7 hours almost alone in India, enjoying views over Himalaya and hacking JavaScript (and I'm on the losing side).

OK, this one will be short.

I did 7 hours walk (it did not rank to a hike), with wonderful views over Himalaya. I spent most of the day alone (surprising thing in India), as Indians are really not too much into hiking, I did not reach the place where I was going to – I saw exactly where I was supposed to go, but I had no idea how to get there without renting Pegasus or climbing up and down a really high hill (given the fact that I didn’t have any map, there were no signs and no people to ask, it was not so surprising [not even mentioning my excellent ability to get lost even in my living room]), but the walk was nice and and it brought me to the idea that „if the journey is the destination, you can’t get lost“ :-) So, I was NOT lost.

I’m training for vegetarian. Only my first meal in India was meat, since then I’m green. Oh, and no alcohol for almost a week now. Who said that I couldn’t do it? Cold turkey is unfolding well until now.
On the other side, being in the land of beedees, I really cannot call myself non-smoker anymore…
I just – after more than 24 hours of heavy HTML work and trying to learn basics of JavaScript without any access to internet (and hey, that’s not easy), therefore left to reverse engineering a piece of code that Ivan had left behind on my computer 4 years ago – finished the web page for my blog (at least partially, to usable level) so when I finally find internet somewhere I can finally post all this intellectual treasures.

Tomorrow I’m off to Rishikesh, one day left to going to an ashram, and becoming a higher-spheric, astral and etheric being :-)

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