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Amazing tea plantations

Munnar, 1600 meters above sea level, tea country

I spent most of the day walking through tea plantations and surrounding hills. Due to the ea plantations, everywhere you look, you see striking green (produced by fresh top leaves of the tea plants). Itís sooooo beautiful here! Unfortunately, itís not as cold - during the days - as I hoped it would be. In the night, itís around 5íC and it was really freezing cold, when I started the walk at 7:00, but in the afternoon the temperature reaches 27íC. I have never seen such dramatic difference in nighttime and daytime temperatures.

Despite the beauty of the walk, the highlight was a short visit to a local school for 1st to 4th grade kids, in a tiny village nested in the middle of the tea plantations. I see that grin on your face, yes, I know what it means: my biological clock is ticking loud :-) So I disturbed the class, and I was invited to take a look around and take some photos.
I suppose, that the village and the school were actually built by the tea plantation company, to house the workers on the plantation (and guess what was the holding company behind the tea plantation company: almighty Tata Corporation). As I was walking among the tea, I picked few leaves and chewed them. You wonít believe this, but they taste likeÖ tea! How surprising!

And, I saw a black pepper tree/plant. Or at least I think thatís what it was. I feel like in real life version of ďBiology for 4th gradeĒ school book.

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