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Fantastic wine region, fantastic roadtrip

Desert, ostriches, scenic roads and mountains, colonial mansions and well rounded tanins

Iíve seen a wine region or two and they are usually very scenic, but this South Africaís one hold its own among the competition! Freaking beautiful! The drive since we left the coast until we arrived to Cape Town was seriously among the most spectacular drives of my life: emptiness of the Karoo desert, incredibly scenic mountains on the horizon, lonely ostrich farms and then amazing, frozen-in-colonial-times villages and finally, yes, the vineyards. The photos donít make justice to the regionís beauty. If you like wine and road trips, come here, you will not regret. South Africa is quite cheap for such a developed country, so you can have all beauty and wine that Australia or California offer, but for fraction of the price.

I got my good dose of Syrah, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc on 4 or so wine tastings, most of them in shockingly beautiful colonial estates. Those Dutch and French colonists surely knew how to make some good looking mansions. Oh, wine, good wine! Life is good :-)

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