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On a visit to uncle's Pablo's hometown

Who would have thought, 20 years ago, that I would go to see Medellin. Well, it's kind of hot and cool this city

Wow! I am in Medellin! Really! We all know what this city is world famous for Ė Pablo Escobar and his Medellin Cartel back in the 90ís. I always thought that Medellin was some shithole in the mountains full of coca leaves plantations, a no-go zone, place where only drug smugglers, mafia bosses and army commandoes would go. Well, as I found out, Medellin is Colombiaís second largest city and it is a modern, lively city. Sure, after dark the junkies appear and the cityís downtown doesnít feel too safe, but the bar district is well patrolled by police and looks as safe as any other city. Also, itís the only city in Colombia (and surely one o very few in whole South America) which has metro.

During a day I took a public transport cable car, which curiously passes over Medellinís slums and in the evening I went to see another dose of Colombians dancing salsa (and I was forced to participate by a group of friendly Colombian women). Few more rums and itís time to go back to Europe, on unexpected Medellin Ė Madrid flight. I guess Iím gonna get my rectum checked well and deep in Madrid :-DDD

And so that's it, our 6 months in South America. Over. You know what? I loved it!!!

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