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Robinson Crusoe islands

Tiny specks of sand in the sea governed by native Kuna Yala people

These are the islands from Robinson Crusoe fantasies and from the comic strips, where those marooned, shipwrecked, bearded castaways always stand on islands of 10m2 with one palm tree. Here are hundreds of such non-sense islands. Piles of sands with few palm trees, tiny cottages made of palm leaves and bamboo, and Caribbean Sea all around!
And thatís not all. San Blas is part of Kuna Yala Comarca which is autonomous part of Panama which belongs to Kuna Yala native people. They still live in their villages and partially follow their customs. As always, men look just normal, but women are super cool as they dress they folk dress: red shirts and dark blue skirts. As there is nothing really to do on these tiny islands but drink beer, go for snorkeling and stare at the ocean we went for a short trip to one of the bigger islands that hosts Kuna Yala village and we could walk through the village a bit. Yes, it looks bit like ghetto, but itís is an atmospheric ghetto :-)

Too bad it was cloudy all the time and rained a lot (itís middle of rainy season here), so the photos look grey and boring and donít really show the beauty of the place.

And then we returned to Panama City as next morning we flew to Bogota from where Irene returns to Spain and I have some 10 more days in Colombia by myself.

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