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Central America! Yeaaaah!

Panama City - surprisingly pleasant town somewhere between Havana and New York

I never expected much of Panama. I thought it was just banks and ugly industrial Panama Channel. But some time ago I found out that Panama was supposed to be nice and that’s why we chose it. And nice it is, and even Panama City.
The old town is full of colonial building that were surely rotting and rusting away just few years ago (and some of them still are), but most of the historic town was facelifted and now it is beautiful, a posh mini-Havana. And from the walls of the old colonial fortress you can stare right toward skyscrapers of modern Panama City. Panama City is significantly “Americanized” – apart from USD being the official currency of Panama, there city is full of those US type, dirty, run down fast food restaurants, the buses are air conditioned to insane levels and the presence of USA soldiers and officials who were stationed here to manage (read occupy) the Panama Channel left its strong mark.
I guess this is what Cuba would be if Fidel and Che Guevara wouldn’t get change its course.

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