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Cliffs and ocean

Beautiful cliffside resort, handful of 'sins' and punishment

Deciding that seeing one sunrise and one sunset over “3 seas” was enough, I hopped on a train and moved to the west coast – to Varkala. Varkala, not Valhalla.
Another love at first sight, Varkala immediately got me thinking: could this be the place, where I settle down? It’s a small town, or more precisely a stretch of restaurants, hotels and shops high on a cliff, lining a beautiful, huge, sandy beach. When I sat down in one of the restaurants with magnificent view over the cliffs, the beach and the ocean (actually as I write this, I’m sitting there right now again), I had a feeling like if I saw the whole world from here. And above my head there are eagles, hovering in the hot air rising from the cliffs and occasional paraglider joining them.

Varkala is “white territory”. There are hordes of tourists from England, France and especially Russia and I even met 2 Slovaks who came here for 2 months. I was wearing one of my 2 Bratislava T-shirts and suddenly someone sitting in the restaurant, which I was passing by, said “Bratislava?”. So I sat down, and we had some drinks (my first alcohol in India), some smoke and grass together.

Varkala looks and feels bit like Bali. It’s not really India – it’s clean, its bit posh and the restaurants serve seafood and meat – but it is beautiful, relaxed and has the something from comfy feeling of Europe. I can imagine owning a bar here and spending days patrolling the ocean from the heights of the cliffs. But it’s little bit overdeveloped and bit too non-Indian for my taste, so I’m going to write down “Varkala” to my imaginary list of potential new homes, but keep on searching.

Oh, and one more thing. I checked into a French-owned guesthouse, and suddenly, there it was, right in front of my eyes: bacon. I asked the owner if he had bought it here or imported it from Europe and he said that he had bought it here and showed me the shop. BACON! BACON!!! FUCK THE VEGETARIANISM, BACON, HERE I COME!!!!!!

Next day, after the alcohol, grass and bacon I was punished by karma police and got sick and spent next 3 days mostly in bed, playing Sid Meier’s Colonization, which was about the only thing I was capable of. Except for writing this log.

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