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Leaving Huanchaco

The last surf session, the last class. Hasta la vista, Huanchaco

Soon after I came back from Iquitos, we packed our bags, I had my last few surfing sessions and sold my surfboard to Holly, we said good bye to Dave, Rossane, Sheila, Holly and Ryan, Kane the dog, kids in the kindergarten and kids in the Sunday school and we left.
Just before the departure we went for a local touristy thing: Marinera dance (typical dance from this part of Peru) and Peruvian Dancing Horses show, at the outskirts of Trujillo. Just to get the full Northern Peru tourist package :-)

While Huanchaco was not the most beautiful or inspiring place Iíve been to, I will remember the times in Huanchaco as one of the best periods of my life. I really did learn to surf, enjoyed the amazing feeling of being in the ocean almost every day and had nothing really to do apart from going to the market and doing my hobby programming. I wish Irene was a bit less frustrated by the place and had less health issues so that she would also remember the place poitively like me, but, well, I guess the word ďHuanchacoĒ will forever bring different feelings and memories.
Iím posting the last few photos of Huanchaco and yep, thatís it from here.

We took the bus to Lima, stayed there just few hours and then took plane to Cuzco on our way to the Peruís #1: Machu Picchu.

Oh, by the way, before we left Huanchaco, we bought tickets to Panama! We decided that instead of continuing to Bolivia, where itís gonna be damn cold we would go green, tropical Panama, to enjoy bit of lush vegetation, warm sea and taste of Caribbean.

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