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Life in Huanchaco continues, but slowly dies

More surfing.Less health. More Viktor

3 things to speak of.

1. Surfing :-)
I still surf almost every day. I love those moments when Iím sitting on my board, waiting for a wave, and I stare to the west across the endless Pacific Ocean. Depending on the weather and part of the day the ocean is blue, desperately grey or burning orange but it always seems magic and ancient. When I sit there and manage to get all other surfers and view of breaking waves out of my sight. and the only thing between me and the infinite horizon is the ocean, I often contemplate the ancient world and its primordial ocean. It feels as if I was sitting in the middle of the ocean. And the ocean here looks raw and primordial, like the ocean from those millions of years when the Earth was covered by one great ocean, long before Jehova separated the waters and the land and saw that it was good. That primeval ocean, where life was just being born - I delight in this moments of geographic fantasies. And the hint of the endless, barren desert in the periphery sight just adds to that feeling of the world as it was billions years ago. I just wish I could share this feeling of you against the primordial ocean that surfing provides here, but I cannot. You will only understand that from top of a surfboard.

2. Health.
Itís all going downhill lately. Without going into unnecessary details, Ireneís health started to crumble down and the endless chain of somethings is starting to destroy her. Combined with the fact Huanchaco somehow failed to really deliver what we were hoping for (except my surfing), it means that soon we will probably leave and return ďhomeĒ. We donít know yet when, but itís gonna happen soon.

3. Viktor
Viktor came over to see us! Yes, the same Viktor that came to Nepal. Together with Jirka they are the only people who came to visit me during these years of the Odyssey. Sure I also saw Samo and Janka and Lukas, but it was me coming to them, not the other way around.
He brought a new dose of Horalka, Kavenka, Studentska Pecat, Jesenka and the legendary Stein beer. Thanks for the contraband, brother!
Viktor came to Peru for 3 weeks and weíre gonna do some stuff together but first he was introduced into sweet pleasure of doing nothing in Huanchaco. Plus he was introduced to surfing. Apart from lazy Huanchaco I took him to Trujillo and Chan Chan so that he would see the best of northern coastal desert region of Peru, before we would see the best of mountains of Peru, jungle of Peru and finally (by himself) the highlight of all the highlights, the granddaddy of all tourist attractions: Machu Picchu.

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