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My custom made surfboard is born!

I became proud daddy of a custom made surfboard El Senor de Sipan. And we are having good time together!

Today, apart from other minor births (such as birth of my nephew Artur back there in Bratislava, to whom I became uncle-in-exile) one major birth happened. Chicho finally gave birth to my new custom made surfboard. He is a healthy boy, 6’9” long, some 3-4 kg (I guess), 21” wide and 2 3/4" fat. His name is El Senor De Sipan, named after a mighty lord of Moche civilization whose marvelous tomb has been discovered bit north from here in the 1980’s.

I surf almost every day, waves permitting. And I’m definitely getting better. I’m getting close to the point when I can actually say that I can surf :-) As of now I’m still on the “suck side” of that claim.

As I said before, Huanchaco is not a tropical paradise, but it might as well be when you look at it from the water. From there, suddenly everything is beautiful. The old church rising high above the town/village, the Andes mountains rising far out on the horizon, sun setting over the Pacific Ocean and schools of pelicans flying over my head, while I’m sitting on the board waiting for a wave… yes, this is paradise to me. Above all I love those clear quiet days, when the water is blue and clear (I guess this happens when the warmer waters from the Ecuador push their way into the colder waters of Humboldt’s current), when waves are relaxed and smooth and when those pelicans fly over me – pure joy! And sometimes, when the coastal mist easies out, you can really see the might Andes rising some 30km away from the ocean, and man that’s some sight! Watching the Andes from the ocean! Wow! It melts my heart.

Irene not having enough with working in the kindergarten and volunteering on Sundays started volunteering at another place, in Huanchaco’s poorest neighborhood, where few gringos run an afterschool facility. She’s not gonna be satisfied until she saves the world :-)

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