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Last stop way down south

Final destination in South India: Chennai (Madras). The last beach-fun atmosphere, last tropical heat. We are heading north

From Rameshwaram we headed to Trichy. That was supposed to be our last stop before boarding a plane from Chennai to Varanasi.
But we arrived to Trichy at 22:00, all the hotels were full or expensive and Irene passionately hated the bus station area where we arrived and where most of the hotels were, and she hated it so much that instead of staying in Trichy we finally just hopped on to a night bus to Chennai (formerly knowns as Madras) to spend the last day in the south there.

There is practically NOTHING to see in Chennai, when it comes to sightseeing.
But the town, as all towns in Tamil Nadu, has very authentic atmosphere. Unlike Mumbai it seemed to have soul to me. By far the most interesting part was the local beach - truly local. All the crappy and kitschy Indian souvenirs, Indians bathing in full dress (in jeans, shirts and everything), sweets and fried snacks, photos with horses everything that an Indian tourist requires from her beach visit.

Good bye South India, off to the north we go!

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