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6 hours in Madurai

Writing a blog for 6 hour visit of Madurai is pathetic. I just wanted to post the photos

Goodbye to Kerala, hello to Tamil Nadu. We took a night train from Varkala to Madurai, did hit and run visit of Madurai and continued to the End of India – Rameshwaram.

Madurai did not disappoint (just like the last time). It’s such a prototypical Tamil Nadu city! With one of the largest temples in India – Meenakshi Amman Temple – and its holy status, there’s always a lot of Hindu buzz going on. Streets are noisy and busy, temperature hellish, everything and anything is for sale, bare chested pilgrims and hopelessly poor old ladies and lack of foreign tourists– yes, this is South India at its most authentic. Love it!
However as the time was not on our side (damned Rolling Stones stole it!) we stayed only for 6 hours and continued to the final frontier – Rameshwaram.

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