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Introducing Slovakia to Irene

Quick roadtrip through Slovakia, mountains, castles, villages and bison penis :-)

Arrival to Slovakia. Again for me. First time for Irene.
You know how it goes - family introduction, city introduction, food introduction, alcohol introduction (not necessarily in this order).
I will keep these extremely short, writing about Slovakia is not on top my list for this blog.
I did a quick mandatory introduction of Slovakia to Irene short road trip, featuring the easily accessible subset of best of Slovakia: Trencin, Tatra Mountains, Slovak Paradise, Vlkolinec, plus I threw in a stop in Topolcianky where my family has a summer house. Weather did let us down in the mountains, but we still managed to do Sucha Bela Prielom Hornadu hike in Slovak Paradise and hike to Velka Studena Dolina in High Tatras. Or was is Mala Studena Dolina? Ive been away for too long.
Irene stayed in Slovakia for some 10 days, I stayed couple of days longer, before I packed my things and left for the Spanish summer.
Im not really gonna write anything more, just that it was nice to see bits and pieces of my homeland after all those months abroad.

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