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Aaaaahhhh, PANIC!

Fuck! I'm not leaving in 2 days, I'm leaving tomorrow early morning! And I'm not even in Byron Bay to pack my bags. Marcel, serisouly, you are such an idiot!

On the last day Jirka was here, Ireneís friends Marian and Ralf arrived. They are on a 3 month trip around the world (fucking hell, it seems EVERYONE is on a trip around the world except me!) and they will stay for some 10 days in Tweed Head, 80km from Byron Bay, just on the other side od Queensland border. They came for one night to Byron, and in return we went the next day for one night to Tweed Head. Jirka left Byron by 11:00, and we left by 19:00 arriving to their apartment in Tweed Head just for a dinner and few drinks, but obviously we didnít see anything in Tweed Head. So the next day, we went out to rent surfboards for Marian and Ralf and we went to the beach, and suddenlyÖ

Fuck, fuck, FUCK!!!
I thought I was leaving in 2 days. Whoops! Iím leaving Australia tomorrow!!!

I was 100% sure I was leaving on Sunday 2.3.2014, and I was looking forward so much for the Saturday, to spend the last day with Irene, enjoying the ocean for the last time, throw in the last surf session, kick in the last drinks in Byronís bars and suddenly I realized that Iím a complete idiot, because Iím flying on Saturday early morning, not on Sunday! It was around 13:00 when I found out, and I was in Tweed Head, not even in Byron Bay to start packing my bags.


So after a quick BBQ in Tweed Head and a visit to the beach, we rushed to Byron Bay and instead of enjoying a nice day in Byron Bay with Irene as I had planned, I spent last few hours in Byron Bay by panicked packing. Iím such an idiot, such an idiot!

But still I managed to do a short goodbye surfing session and got with Irene, Olga and Maria to see the park for the last time and have a beer in a bar. After 15 months of travelling, I didnít manage to remember something so simple and important as my departure day, and so I ruined mine and Ireneís last moments together here. Iím so sorry Irene.

Goodbye Byron Bay. Iíve had enough of you, but I will miss you. Itís so damn beautiful in hereÖ

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