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Clerk #29: sign out and good bye

End of my dishwasher's career. Or, and that's more likely, temporary retirement. In any case, it's over for Clerk #29 for now.

It’s over.
Clerk #29: sign out and good bye.
Today was my last day at the restaurant.
Dishes clean and stacked, utensils polished, pans and pots cleaned, dried and hung, dishwashing machine turned off and cleaned, dishwasher’s section cleaned and dried, bins taken out and trash bags replaced, cardboard thrown away, floor swept and mopped, all chemicals refilled, towels refilled, dry store swept and mopped, clerk #29 “Marcel” sign out. See you never! Or next year :-)

It hasn't been that bad at all, but anyway I’m feeling just like Seth Sentry today: 
"Ten years doing something I hate
What a waste, what a fucking mistake
Too long I've been stuck in this place rusting away for what?
Believe it or not I'm leaving my job this evening
Dinner plates so hot I need my fucking skin replaced
I never thought I'd be doing something this boring this pointless and unimportant"
And my favorite parts:
"And then, and then I went like walk out of there, 
Like and just start high-fiving everybody and like slow motion man,
Something so fucking sweet,
Oh mate, the things I'm gonna do, 
Once I quit this fucking job!"
"I mean, I really thought I was, I was gonna do something, man
I thought I was gonna be something,
When I was a kid I was like asked what I'm gonna be, 
And I, and I said 'an architect', and now I'm, now I'm just doing this shit!
And it's NOT what an architect does, that's, that's the fucking truth!"

I cannot believe that I survived there for 4 months!
Believe it or not, I will actually miss my job a bit. I got so used to finishing my shift my mopping the floor, that when I go back to my previous job in banks, I think I will mop the floors before closing my laptop and leaving :-)

Another noteworthy piece of news is that our home, garage a.k.a. “cave” has been turned into construction site again. Building of adjacent studio continues and this time they had to break down one wall to remove a window and build a door instead, and brick up some other areas, so now we really live in a place which looks like a refugee camp in Pakistan. Homely! :-)

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