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New Year in Byron Bay

Drinking, no fireworks, and some cool photos of posing hipsters and bunch of naked people :-) Good bye 2013, the year when I wasn't home, or anywhere near it

New Year in Australia!

Byron Bay, being the easternmost place in Australia is where the New Year begins in Australia; just like every other day. And Australia being the easternmost continent means that Byron Bay is actually the first place where the New Year, and every other day, begins on any continent! Sure, thereís bunch of islands east from here, where the days begin earlier: Tonga, Fiji, New Zealand etc., but this is where the sunlight hits continental ground. Awesome thought, right? :-)

As you can imagine, the program was simple: get drunk.
Although public drinking is prohibited in most of Byron Bay, on New Year Eve police was bit more tolerant than usually, and apart from banning drinking in an restricted area on Jonson Street they didnít put too much effort in hunting down public drinkers.
And so the beach turned into party-drinking scene. Nothing BIG, people were usually grouped into small packs, each of them minding and drinking their own business. There were not even proper fireworks, Byron Bay city council decided not to waste money on burning the sky.

But it was funny, especially watching people getting to and from their midnight naked bath in the ocean. This is Australia! :-)

As I expected good photo opportunities on this day I took my camera with 50mm f/1.8 lens and Speedlight flash, and documented this crazy night in Byron Bay. I think quite successfully. Check it out in the photo gallery.

So after 1 year of avoiding excessive drinking I finally got completely drunk. Nice entry to year 2014.
Can someone please put 2 silver coins on my eyes and show me the way to Charon? Pleeeeeaaaase!

Unfortunately, instead of Charon I†was directed to the work and did the most insanely busy shift ever. I don't like this year 2014 at all!

PS: 2013 was the first year of my life when I†didnít step on Slovak soil, actually not even European soil. Also, interestingly, it was a†year when I†didnít see any right-handed traffic, as all the countries I†visited use left-hand traffic. I†will have hard times getting accustomed back to driving on the right side, once that I†go back to Europe or to Americas.

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